geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote in chemistree,

Rusty at Redox.

I was reducing vandyl sulphate (vanadium 4) to vanadium 3 in H2SO4 solution with a lead anode, and a plantinum cathode.  How do I figure out what form the V(III) is in (ligands, salt?); how do I figure out what the lead precipitate is, and why there was bubbling at the lead anode?  I'm going to cross post this because I'm confused.

EDIT:  I'm making vanadium (3) alum!  Somehow the alum is formed from the clay pot in electrolysis that reduces the vanadium from 4 to 3 in sulphuric acid.  What is the M+ in the alum formula?  (alums are (M+)2(SO4)*(M+3)(SO4)3* 24 H20, vanadium is the M+3)
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